After Appointment is Scheduled



Hi, this is [Call Center Agent] calling you from Travel Center Experiences regarding the vacation giveaway you joined on Facebook, is this [Clients Name]?

Great! Thank you for participating.

Reason for Calling

I was just reaching out to quickly see if you had any questions about how this vacation giveaway works because you registered on [Date of Sign Up] but didn’t finalize your spot to get your vacation gifts.

Do you think we can take a second to do this now?

Confirm Email

Just to confirm, the email you signed up with is -> [Email] is this correct?

Thank you!

Vacation Giveaway Explanation

So real quick, what we are doing is giving away two complimentary vacations that include [Describe Giveaway]. If you would prefer to go on a cruise to the Caribbean you can choose that option as well.

You can choose [Details about Giveaway].

How does that sound [First Name]?

In return we ask that you attend a meeting to learn about our travel club.

Our wholesale travel club helps you save 20% to 80% on everything travel. We like to call it “The Travel Industry’s Best Kept Secret”.

Its a quick presentation and there is absolutely no obligation to purchase or commit to anything, all we ask is that you give us your honest feedback.

It’s important that you know that this presentaiton has nothing to with timeshare. Timeshare may work for some people but it is simply not what we do.

Immediately after the presentation you will receive your vacation vouchers and you’ll be able to use it anytime within the next 24 months.

Sound good [Client First Name]?

Where Do They Want To Travel?

Ask if they have a vacation destination in mind already?  

CRM has this information if they completed the survey online”

 So [First Name], where would you like to travel to?

if YES

Ask where and get them excited about the destination.

if No

No worries, like I mentioned, you have 18 months to travel. You can choose your destination later.

The good thing is that once you get to the resort you don’t have to attend any presentations.

After you attend our online meeting, you can enjoy your vacation with no interruptions.

3rd Party Story

I have recently used one of these vacation vouchers to go to…

“Talk about your last vacation to create credibility about the voucher the person will be getting for attending the meeting.”

Keep it short.

Credit Card & ID Verification

So [First Name], our resort partners ask us to make sure that guests using our vouchers have an active credit card and ID.

The reason is because you will need it to check in to the hotel.

Do you currently have an active credit card and drivers license or ID with your name on it?


There are basic qualifications to be able to participate in our promotion. 

Is it ok to if I ask you a few qualification questions?

1. Are you currently employed?
2. Are you married or in a relationship?

Not Qualified if

– Unemployed

– Makes less than $40,000

– Not Married or Not In A Relationship

Appointment Invitation + Tour Day & Times

[FIRST NAME] I would like to invite you to join a Zoom Call with one of our representatives. 

We host meetings every day.

What day and time works best for you?


Use the form below to schedule clients to Travel Center Experiences club presentations calendar.

Schedule Online Meeting

Zoom Call


Certification Agreement | Docusing

Thank you [Clients Name], you’ll be receiving a email7text message in a few minutes, confirming the details of the presentation and your gifts.

In the email/text message you’re receiving now, please click on the link to open our DocuSign form to confirm the vacation voucher you’ll be getting after the meeting by digitally signing for your gifts.

Please check your text messages for a 305 number. or Email from Travel Center Experiences or

*** Put your phone on speaker and let me know when you get our text message. They will also receive an email to sign the DocuSign

Stay on the line until they say/confirm they have signed the DocuSign form.


Thank you [Clients Name]!

Before we finish, do you have any questions for me?

Let me ask you a question…

Is there anything that you know of right now that may come up and make you miss your meeting?

You will be receiving a welcome email confirming your details and also recapping all the details about our meeting.

Additionally, In that email there will be a link to a video that goes over “What To Expect in the Meeting” and “some examples of savings our members enjoy, such as week long vacations in Orlando, Cancun, Vegas, Hawaii for under $250”

We’re excited to show you how to never overpay for anything travel-related.

We will be sending you text message reminders the day before and the day of the meeting.

If anything comes up please feel free to contact me at this same number XXXXXXXX.

If you need to reschedule, you can do so from any email we send you or call us to choose a better time.

It’s a pleasure meeting you, let me know if you need help with anything.

Have a great day!